We are specialized in manufactoring fruit and vegetable sorters, in particular onion, potatoes, garlic, apples, peaches, oranges, mandarin oranges and tomato sorters, etc.
Our activity started in 1947 as individual concern of ADAMO IACUCCI; then 1957 heirs continued the activity.

Our Firm had a constant development in the course of the years together with the corresponding extension of the market; at the beginning it was within the home market, then it spread also in some foreign countries, european and extra european.

·         Germania: machines for processing onions and potatoes.

·         Austria: machines for processing onions.

·         France: machines for processing onions, garlic, tomatoes, apricots.

·         Spain: machines for processing onions, garlic, tomatoes, citrus fruits.

·         Greece: machines for processing apricots, apples, citrus fruits.

·         Argentina: machines for processing potatoes, garlic.

·         Australia: machines for processing potatoes, garlic.

The quality of our products and the continuous improvement that was introduced enabled us to offer efficient and valid machines so as to meet the customer’s needs.

The style of our Firm is Iacucci Adamo Stefanelli Sante srl

We are registered in the handycraft-roll at the C.C.I.A.A. in PESARO, number 116364, data processing number PS 001844, business list registration number 0044618.

Ten workers are in our employ and we assing third parties some of the work which we are to carry out.

We also avail ourselves of freelances for solving some particular technical problems.

In addition to sorters whose hour capacity is included between 1 and 15/20 tons, we ar also in a position to offer complete processing lines as for the above mentioned articles such as:

·         riddle(meshes) / roller / vibrating sorters;

·         feeding and / or stocking bins;

·         bulb cutting machine for onions;

·         conveyor belts;

·         sacking weighers;

·         digging belts;

·         preselector stands for manual colour subdivision (tomatoes);

·         system for processing, selection and packing of vegetables;

·         dry brushing machines;

·         drying tunnel;

·         packaging stands;

·         double-pickup sorters;

·         dripping stands with cold/hot air fans;

·         cleanin/brushing machines/drum cleaners;

Moreover our production and technical possibilities enable us to carry out several models and special operations according to the specific use of each customer IACUCCI ADAMO  STEFANELLI SANTE SRL